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Disclaimer: This document was translated into English (US) from its original version in Japanese. If there is any conflict of understanding due to the translation of this document, the Japanese version shall take precedence over the English version.

In regards to handling personal information, we acknowledge the importance and sociality of protecting personal information. We employees and executives will strive to appropriately protect personal information through the methods stated below, and through creating the “Personal Information Management System” that meets the JISQ15001 (demands in the management system regarding protection of personal information), by abiding by the management system and laws and other standards regarding personal information.

1. Definition of Personal Information

SKIYAKI Inc. understands personal information as information pertaining to existing persons stipulated in laws regarding personal information protection (name, birth date, and other information that can be used to identify an individual), as well as email addresses, use ID, passwords, credit cards used in connection with specific persons, and finally interests, family structure, age, and other attributed information of an individual that is associated with personal information.

2. Cookies/ IP Address Information

Cookies and IP address information is not considered personal information, as they cannot be used alone to differentiate an individual. However, if this information were to be used in connection with personal information, the information will be considered to be personal information.

Regarding media operated by SKIYAKI Inc., the purpose and method of cookie and IP address information usage will be disclosed in the case of usage, even if specific people cannot be identified by so doing. Also, cookie information can be rejected through browser settings. It will also be disclosed if certain services are to be unavailable due to rejecting cookies.

3. Specification of Purpose for Personal Information Usage

When handling personal information, SKIYAKI Inc. will specify, to their best effort, the purpose of use regarding such information.

4. Restrictions on Usage of Personal Information

SKIYAKI Inc. will never use personal information beyond the purpose of achieving the purpose of usage without gaining the prior approval of the individual. In the case of mergers or other reasons, SKIYAKI Inc. will not use any newly acquired personal information beyond the realm of purpose of use prior to succession without gaining the prior approval of the individual. However, this is not the case for the following situations:

5. Rightful Acquisition of Personal Information

SKIYAKI Inc. will acquire personal information by rightful means and shall never do so with false or other dishonest or illegal means. Furthermore, we will strive not to collect personal information of those younger than the age of 15 without their parental consent.

6. Notification of Purpose of Use when Obtaining Personal Information

SKIYAKI Inc. will disclose the intended purpose of used at the time of collecting personal information. However, the following statements are exceptions:

7. Change of Intended Purpose of Personal Information

SKIYAKI Inc. will notify the individual or disclose the change in intended purpose of use of personal information in the case there is to be a change, however this will not go beyond the rationally approved scope of pre-change purposes of use if there is a significant relevance.

8. Safe Management of Personal Information/ Monitoring of Employees

SKIYAKI Inc. will set measures for personal information protection so that personal information is not leaked, lost, or damaged, that other personal information is safely managed, as well as appropriately monitor employees to follow the measures.

9. Monitoring of the Consignee

When part or all of personal information handling is to be consigned, SKIYAKI Inc. will enter a non-disclosure agreement or require that the consignee agree with the stipulations presented by SKIYAKI Inc. and will monitor the consignee as necessary so that personal information is safely stored on the end of the consignee.

10. Restrictions Presented to Third Parties

SKIYAKI Inc. will never present personal information to a third party without the prior approval of the individual except for the following reasons.

11. Disclosure of Items related to Personal Information

For the following items pertaining to personal information, SKIYAKI Inc. will place the individual in a situation where he is informed and will also respond to demands of the individual without delay.

12. Disclosure of Personal Information

If asked to do so, SKIYAKI Inc. will disclose personal information to the individual without delay. However, if any of the following apply due to disclosing information, all or part of said information will not be disclosed, and should nondisclosure be determined, that will be informed to the individual without delay.

Furthermore, information other than personal information such as access logs will, as principle, not be disclosed.

13. Correction of Personal Information, Etc.

If SKIYAKI Inc. is notified by an individual that the personal information provided is to be amended, modified or erased (hereinafter denoted as ‘CORRECTIONS, ETC.’) because it is inaccurate, said content of personal information will be researched without delay within the scope necessary to achieve the intended purpose of use and amended according to the results so long as it does not include special procedures according to stipulations of another law, and notified to the individual.

14. Termination of Use of Personal Information

SKIYAKI Inc. will notify the individual of the termination of use of personal information should the individual demand the termination of use or deletion of personal information (hereinafter denoted as ‘SUSPENSION OF USE ETC.’) because said information was handled outside the previously disclosed scope of intended use, or that it has been used falsely or obtained by other illegal means, after the completion of necessary investigation, without delay. However, if a large sum of money is required for the termination of use of said personal information and other suspension of use is difficult, reimbursement will be required if means are taken to protect the individual’s rights and interests.

15. Explanation of Purpose

If SKIYAKI Inc. is to determine any of the following:

regardless of the individual’s demands, we will make an effort to explain the reasons to the individual at the time.

16. Contact

For questions regarding the privacy policy of SKIYAKI Inc. please contact the following person in charge.

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