What is a security code?

The security code is a special kind of code used to prevent the illegal use of credit and debit cards. Please verify below where the code can be found in each credit card.
For VISA, MasterCard, JCB and Diners Club, the code is a three-digit number written in the back of the credit card
(it is located immediately on the right of the main card number)
For American Express, it is the four-digit number written on the front of the credit card
(it is located on the upper right of the main card number)
If you are unable to locate the security code, or if it is illegible, please contact either the bank written on the card or the credit card company.
In case you are unable to solve your problem even after reading the instructions above, please contact us through the form below.

I have not received a confirmation e-mail after placing my order.

After an order is placed, we automatically send an order confirmation e-mail as a reference to the customer, but in some cases it may not be delivered due to reasons we are not responsible for, such as mistyped e-mail addresses, e-mail account changes, spam e-mail settings, volume exceeded mailboxes, relay mail server interference, etc.
It is possible to verify the same information as the order confirmation e-mail, in the order history page, so in order to verify details of order, or whether order has been completed, please refer to the order history page.
Be careful of placing multiple orders due to not having received an order confirmation e-mail, as it is not possible to cancel duplicated orders.

Is it possible to change the product type, amount, or payment method after placing an order?

It is not possible to make changes once you have placed an order.
Please be aware that even if you change the address that is registered on your LOVERS ID page, the address for products that you have already ordered will not change.





In case that you cannot resolve your trouble even if you read the above, please contact us from the Inquiry form below.

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